What if

you could clarify your brand's big ideas,
make your clients' lives easier
& finally impress mom?


I'm Ciprian, a curious digital designer
specialising in
helping companies get
people's attention and grow.

I create compelling advertisements and
websites that
make you look good and
make them look twice.

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groupe diagonales

Why businesses trust me


beyond competition

To make a difference isn't only getting attention, but also telling the story behind your work through magnetic content.


the devil is in the detail

I put "Make it really good" ahead of "Do it quick". It's the many details that make your customers jump into your story.


I give a sh*t

I spend time to understand not only your content but also the context, in order to build trust and sell your lemonade.

groupe diagonales

Selected projects

Logo Design

Radio Rectangle

For their special annual event "La Semaine
Radio Rectangle needed a new logo.
The result
had to inspire new, old and
belgian twisted.

Coming soon



TEDx events bring innovative ideas to
worldwide. I designed the site for
growing the audience to
thousands in 2016.

Coming soon

Visual Identity

Université de Namur

Ecology movers and shakers got together
at the
University of Namur for the Doctor
Honoris Causa
awards. How to design for
Mother Nature?

Coming soon

Let's make
something great.

I grow meaningful businesses by making
their story visible
through the jungle (and
increasing their sales in the process).

How I can help your business:

  1. Custom-tailoring your website (and helping people find it).
  2. Putting visual & social branding sauce on your business.
  3. Dropping a red carpet from Facebook to your site.
  4. Growing your brand as a gold standard.
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