Doctor Honoris Causa Awards
visual identity


Focused on the needs of society, the six
faculties at University of Namur provide
solutions for major societal challenges.


The awards ceremony needed a memorable
visual identity which is not only clear and
concise, but also poetic and colorful.


Gwenaëlle Bertinchamps, Jacques Neefs,
Sophie Arcq, Baptiste Gandibleux,
Ciprian Ciobanasu

— Demain comes today

The awards

The awards went to Cyril Dion and Mélanie
directors of the film "Demain", as
well as to Rob
Hopkins, founder of the
Transition Movement.

— It's alive! It's alive!

On screens

Three screens were incorporated to
the recycled
installation, keeping guests
posted throughout the
evening. Animations
travelled from one to another.

— Can touch this

On paper

I craft posters, brochures and invitations
that work
and look great. Things that help
your guests attend
your event, but also
stays on their fridge for years.

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